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Who is aliceCBD?

Welcome to aliceCBD! I’m Alice, the registered nurse and owner.

Cannabinoids from plant sources can nourish the system in your body responsible for balance and health. I offer nursing and education consults on cannabinoids.

Nurse Alice provides full spectrum cannabis consulting to help people find relief with her products and how to use them in conjunction with their MMJ (medical marijuana) licensed use. She can even help you get your MMJ card. Many people find the combination of CBD therapy with THC therapy to be incredibly medically effective.

In Alice’s personal experience, CBD, CBG, and BCP therapies helped her more than THC only therapy. Alice has suffered for multiple decades with FM, MS, CFS, IBS, Narcolepsy, Anxiety, and Depression. Try cannabinoid therapy with aliceCBD and aliceRN Nutraceutical products. All aliceCBD’s products are available for all ages and without a medical marijuana card. aliceCBD and alice RN Nutraceutical specialize in products that use cannabinoids and terpenes that are federally legal equal to or less than 0.3% THC Delta 9, including CBD, THC-V, CBG, BCP, THC-P, CBD-P, and Delta-8.