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If you are looking for a lively and a more upbeat strain, then the frosted hemp flower is an excellent option. This strain is for those who are feeling a little blue and want their senses awakened on the first smoke.

The frosted lime hemp flower is a sticky and fragrant Sativa-dominant strain that is a preferred choice for users who wants to feel more energetic from the get-go. It’s a potent strain that is usually recommended for day-time use, which can offer a carefree disposition that is effortless and light to maintain throughout the day.



When it comes to lineage and origin, the frosted hemp flower’s history isn’t completely clear. The only thing known about its genetics is that the breeder of this strain was Phytonyx using a combination of a Frosty strain and another undisclosed strain as parents.

The Frosty parent strain for frosted hemp flower is a slightly Indica-dominant strain, which is famous for its soothing effects that helps mellow out users towards an overall calm and collected feeling.

Although the other parent of the frosted lime hemp flower is relatively unknown, it is expected to be a strong Sativa strain, which has given the frosted hemp its Sativa-dominant feature. In general, a Sativa strain features an extremely potent citrusy fragrance and flavor. Sativa dominant cultivar is also known for its major qualities as a medicinal strain for treating chronic pain, as an anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and for increasing serotonin levels to help in regulating mood, appetite, and sleep.


Profile Breakdown

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Total Cannabinoids: 17.02%
  • CBD: 14.35%
  • CBG: 0.08%
  • CBDa: 16.1%


Terpene Profile

  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Linalool
  • Bisabolol
  • Humulene
  • Borneal
  • Fenchol
  • Pinene


Appearance, Fragrance, and Flavor Profile


The frosted hemp flower features a dense and perfectly-shaped bud that usually varies in size. The larger buds of this strain are usually long but relatively thin. When it comes to color, the frosted lime hemp flower has an interesting feature, with its combination of gold and bright green colors. This interesting palette is tangled with milky trichomes and peach-colored pistils.

The frosted hemp flower features a pungent and rich aroma that helps heighten its buzz when smoked. The first smoke can immediately awaken the senses and comes with a citrusy and lemony fragrance and flavor. Once it settles, the smoke leans toward a skunkier taste with hints of a slight bitterness that perfectly complements the lively and dominant notes of citrus.

The frosted hemp flower features a strong fragrance and an even stronger flavor, which is not often the best choice for beginner smokers. However, for those who are more experienced when it comes to smoking hemp flowers, the strong flavor of the frosted lime hemp flower can be a thrilling experience.


Effects and Benefits

The frosted lime hemp flower is mostly known as an upbeat and lively strain – a great choice for those looking to smoke to enjoy an energetic buzz. At first smoke, the strong fragrance and flavor of the hemp flower can be overpowering, but as soon as it settles, there comes the reason why smokers prefer using the frosted hemp flower.

From the get-go, the frosted lime hemp flower can provide a pleasant sense of energy and well-being. It has a light buzz that helps you get up and get ready to get things done for the day. In most cases, the frosted hemp flower can also cultivate a strong desire to be creative and productive.

Although it has a strong and instant effect as a potent Sativa-dominant strain, the strong and overpowering effects of the frosted hemp flower can die down quickly. Because of this, it is more suitable for smoking to catch a quick break instead of getting a longer-lasting boost of energy.


Medical Uses

One of the dominant terpenes in the frosted lime hemp flower is the beta-myrcene, which, according to research, has immediate effects once it is introduced in the body. In terms of medical use, this terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and with the instant effect it could provide, it makes this strain ideal for fast-off pain relief. In lesser-known cases, it can also be utilized as a potent sedative to help calm the nerve, although this kind of effect will largely depend on the dosage.

This terpene has also shown an intense effect in terms of promoting a sense of relaxation for the body. And based on some studies, myrcene has been found to potentiate THC effects as well as aids in its absorption.

Additional information about this terpene has also revealed its ability to boost the immune system, which offers the body an ability to fight cancer.



The strain is made after crossing the Frosty strain and an undisclosed parent strain.



This strain is often harvested around the middle to late September with one to four pounds of yield per plant. It is mold-resistant and can withstand even hard climates, which makes it easy enough to cultivate.



The frosted hemp flower has been widely used, especially by seasoned smokers. It’s strong and potent in terms of flavor and aroma, which heightens the experiences, although novice smokers have said it can be a bit overpowering. But its overpowering taste and smell are often overlooked in favor of its benefits and unique effects.

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