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aliceCBD BCP X3 Triple Strength Salve, THC FREE


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Triple Strength Salve (X3) THC FREE

Available in 2oz, 1oz, 3ml and Trial Size!

Use it on any condition, concern or complaint! An all purpose head to toe ointment, hydrates and protects skin from your cuticles to your flyaway hair.  (avoid eyes)

"I use it with my whole family!  Stinging, Numb, Burning Nerve Zaps, Aches, Burns, Poison Ivy, jaw for Sore Tooth, Over Area of Headache, In the Belly Button and on Back for discomfort.  Really every thing and any thing that bothers or concerns until I can get to the desired relief needed!" Alice Mangan     

 Always feel welcome to contact Nurse Alice for education on these types of products, the endogenous cannabinoid system and meeting realistic health goals with many plants!!  Call/TXT to schedule today!  417.310.6160 

***If using topically, patch test for sensitivity, some essential oils, like menthol can be irritating for some individuals.

aliceCBD Triple Strength BCP X3 Salve is a daily use topical made with our aliceRN 1:1 Four plex (CBG, CBGA, CBD, and CBDA), Natural/Organic beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and pure essential oils, including BCP beta-caryophyllene, lavender and frankincense, arnica, candula, comfrey, copper peptide, HLA hyaluronic acid

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What is BCP?

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